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                Combo loans
                About the Product

                The combo loan is a loan service in which the borrower provides one or more guarantees in addition to mortgaging its own or a third party’s housing property if the credit line exceeds the value of the mortgage (assessed value of the property x mortgage rate) or if the mortgage is weak in terms of cash flow ability.

                Combo loans are available in the following combinations: mortgage + guarantee from an ordinary company, mortgage + guarantee from a guarantee service provider, mortgage + joint guarantee, mortgage + credit, and multiple mortgages.

                1. Mortgage + guarantee from an average company
                About the Product
                This model allows the borrower to add one or more companies as a guarantee if its housing mortgage cannot provide a sufficient guaranty or lacks cash flow.

                The model enables the borrower to increase the housing mortgage rate and raise its financing level without incurring additional financing costs.

                Target Customers
                Companies whose housing mortgage cannot meet their demands for current capital turnover; or a number of well-performing small enterprises in the same industry that require more finance.

                2. Mortgage + guarantee from a guarantee service provider
                About the Product
                This model allows the borrower to add a guarantee service provider approved by our credit center as a guarantee if its housing mortgage cannot provide a sufficient guaranty or lacks cash flow.

                This model helps the borrower increase the amount of a mortgage or pledge loan.

                Target Customers
                This model suits a company whose housing mortgage loan fails to serve its business needs but can find a guarantee company to guarantee all or part of its loan.

                3. Mortgage + joint guarantee
                About the Product
                If a single company fails to obtain sufficient funds through a mortgage, three or more companies may provide a joint guarantee to increase the amount of mortgage loan and lower the credit risk of a sole joint guarantee.

                1) Raises the mortgage rate and increases the financing level;
                2) Increases the cost of default by borrowers and reduces the credit risk.

                Target Customers
                This model suits a group of companies, in which each company or business owner can mortgage a residential property to increase financing level.

                4. Mortgage + credit
                About the Product
                A company with good credit standing that has strong growth potential can obtain a credit loan to increase its financing level when its mortgage or pledge is insufficient to guarantee the loan.

                1) Increases the financing level as the credit loan offsets the mortgage gap;
                2) Helps us foster a steady group of long-term customers as this loan targets our existing mortgage loan customers;
                3) Yields higher returns as the credit loan is priced higher than other guaranteed loans.

                Target Customers
                Existing mortgage loan customers that demand additional finance.

                5. Multiple mortgages
                About the Product
                This model allows the borrower to provide additional collateral approved by our credit center, such as core equipment and vehicles, as a joint mortgage when its housing property mortgage is insufficient to guarantee the loan.

                1) Extends the scope of the pledge and mortgage guarantee to fill the borrower’s gap in funding from its housing property mortgage;
                2) Helps us reduce credit risks and raise returns as we control the borrower’s core assets.

                Target Customers
                A manufacturing enterprise that performs well, demands funds that exceed the value of its mortgaged housing property, and can mortgage its core equipment.
                All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.