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                Career  |   Branch  |   CMB Sites

                "All-in-one-card" is a personal account offered by China Merchants Bank to public. The account, which must be registered under the owner's real name, integrates many types of deposit in various currencies as well as services into one single card, and has been voted the most favored bankcard by consumers. It is also the most renowned and unique one of its kind in China. Ever since the issuance of "All-in-one-card" in July 1995, China Merchants Bank has been renovating its functions and improving services by applying CMB's advantages in high technology, thus creating new concept for personal financial management.  
                Service Features
                Integration of many types of deposit in various currencies as well as services into one single card; it features safety, efficiency, convenience and flexibility.
                Functions Overview:
                1. Multi-account-in-one-card: Current and fixed deposit accounts in different currencies (RMB, USD, Japanese yen, and the Euro) can be integrated into one single bank card.
                2. Nationwide account access: Deposit and withdrawal requests of all sorts of accounts within one card are honored at any service outlets of CMB in the issuance city; inter-city deposit and withdrawal in RMB, HKD and USD are also available at nationwide CMB service outlets for current deposit accounts only within one card.
                3. Prearranged redeposit: After signing a contract with CMB in the account-hosting city for prearranged redeposit service, you will be able to have the following service by CMB automatically:
                • a.
                  Change current savings into time deposit: no amount limit;
                • b.
                  Renew time deposit upon maturity or change matured time deposit into current deposit: principal plus interest to time deposit upon maturity; principal to time deposit while interest to current deposit upon maturity; and principal plus interest to current deposit upon maturity.
                4. Automatic renewal of time deposit: Upon maturity, time deposit will be renewed, principal plus interest, to time deposit for another same period.
                5. Self-service transfer: After applying for Self-service Transfer service over the counters of China Merchants Bank, you may use our Telephone Banking (Call Centre, service phone No.95555), ATMs, Self-service Banking Terminals and Personal Internet Banking service to transfer RMB or foreign currencies between "All-in-one-card" accounts and bankbook accounts.
                • a.
                  Intra-city transfer of RMB and foreign currencies in same currency and same exchange type between All-in-one-card accounts and bankbook accounts;
                • b.
                  Note: intra-city transfer of RMB and foreign exchanges in the same currency and same exchange type between fixed and current sub-accounts within same All-in-one-card is available automatically, no application needed for the service.
                6. Consumption at contracted shops: to pay with your All-in-one-card at contracted shops with CMB, China Unionpay and local Gold Card projects.
                7. Cash withdrawal service at ATMs: Withdrawal of cash in RMB from current deposit accounts, changing password, third-party transfer of account, and current account balance inquiry at any CMB's ATMs in account-hosting cities; withdrawal of cash in RMB from current deposit accounts at any CMB's ATMs in non-account-hosting cities; withdrawal of cash in RMB from current deposit accounts as well as balance inquiry at ATMs labeled with "China Unionpay" or local Gold Card projects brand names.
                8. Cash deposit machine: deposit service via Cash Deposit machine in account-hosting cities; the service in non-account-hosting cities will be available soon.
                9. Inquiry service: inquiries concerning interest rates, foreign exchange rates, service briefing and account transactions provided over the counter, or through self-help channels such as Self-service banking terminals, Telephone Banking, and Internet Banking.
                10. Telephone Banking: CMB's Telephone Banking offers automatic voice service and human-aided service.
                • a.
                  Dial 95555, press the desired buttons following the voice instructions to use services such as account information inquiry, transfer of account, and lost report ;
                • b.
                  95555 Telephone Banking human-aided service offers 24x7 business inquiry and complains service.
                11. Mobile phone banking: After activation of Mobile Phone Banking service with the mobile telecom service provider in the account-hosting city, clients may inquire their respective account balance and recent transactions, change their passwords, report lost cards, or use self-help transfer of account service.
                12. Personal Internet Banking Professional Edition: After application over the counter, you may do your account information inquiry, transfer of account, remittance, on-line payment and foreign exchange trading via internet.
                13. Personal Internet Banking General Edition: With "All-in-one-card", you may process the following personal banking transactions via internet after application: inquiry of account balance and recent transactions, transfer of account, changing passwords, etc.; you may also apply for On-line payment Card, self-help top-up and fee payment service, government bonds investment, and personal consumption loans, etc.
                14. On-line payment: With "On-line Payment" function activated over the counter or through Internet Banking, CMB's clients may purchase commodities or other services anywhere in the country from contracted shops listed in the CMB's On-line shopping Mall, and simultaneously settle the pertinent payments.
                15. Bank-security proceeds transfer: After application over the counter at CMB or at security companies in cooperation, you may transfer proceeds between their current saving accounts with CMB and the accounts held with the designated security companies, via self-service facilities such as Telephone Banking and Internet Banking.
                16. Bank-Fund Express: After application of the service, and the special Bank-Fund Express account opened over counter, you may process your open funds transactions such as subscription, purchase application, and counter-purchase. For other open fund transactions such as shifting to trusteeship, non-trading transfer of account, they are available only over counter.
                17. Foreign exchange trading: After applying for personal foreign exchange trading service over counter, you may do foreign exchange trading and transaction status inquiry through various channels such as Telephone Banking, Self-service banking Terminals, over counter, Mobile Phone Banking, and Internet Banking.
                18. Self-service loans: After signing pertinent agreements with CMB, you may surrender your own fixed deposits in local and foreign currencies in your "All-in-one-card" as collateral and apply for loans through self-service service channels such as Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, and Self-service Banking Terminals. You may also repay the loans through the aforementioned channels.
                19. Self-help fee payment service: After the function activated over counter, or through channels such as Telephone Banking, Internet Banking and Mobile Phone Banking, you may settle fees payable to collecting parties contracted with CMB through self-service channels such as Telephone Banking and Internet Banking.
                20. Agent services: With written entrustments from institutional or individual clients, CMB may process payroll distribution and fee payment transactions on their behalf.
                21. IP Phone and IDD (DDD) service: After long-distance call function activated over the counter or through Telephone Banking, you may make IDD (DDD) (including ordinary LDD and IP LDD) with either landline phones or mobile phones. The range of recipient party (for both IP calls and ordinary IDD DDD) coincides with the regions covered by China Unicom's domestic and overseas networks for the time being.
                22. Shenzhouxing (Mobile Telecommunication) Top-up Service: The service is available for its clients in a number of selected areas, where the clients, after applying for the service over counter, or through Telephone Banking or Internet Banking, may dial 13800138000, the service number of China Mobile's Shenzhouxing Service, and choose their desired top-up value. The selected amount will then be transferred from their respective All-in-one-card current deposit accounts into their Shenzhouxing accounts.
                Service Channels:
                • 1)
                  Channels for Applying for All-in-one-card: over counters or via Internet Banking
                • 2)
                  Channels for account information inquiry or intra-city transfer between accounts registered under same name: Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Self-service banking Terminals, Mobile Phone Banking and counters.
                • 3)
                  Channels for intra-city transfer between accounts registered under different names: Personal Internet Banking Professional Edition (RMB only), and counters
                • 4)
                  Channels for inter-city transfer /remittance between accounts registered under different names: Personal Internet Banking Professional Edition (RMB only), and counters.
                • 5)
                  Channels for investment service: Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Self-service banking Terminals, Mobile Phone Banking and over counters.
                • 6)
                  Channels for telecom services: Telephone Banking (service phone number: 95555)
                How to Apply
                To apply for "All-in-one-card", please take your valid ID to any banking offices of CMB. In case applying for others, both ID documents must be presented.
                All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.