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                Career  |   Branch  |   CMB Sites
                Telephone Banking Services
                CMBs 95555 hotline provides automated and operator services in China.
                • 1.
                  3A Service
                We offer telephone banking services Anytime (8:00-24:00 CST), Anywhere (at home, in the office or on the move) and Anyway (telephone, mobile, fax, Internet and email).
                • 2.
                  Easy and quick one-stop service
                Our telephone banking system gives you access to a wide range of one-stop services in the following areas: personal, corporate, securities, and international banking. Through the hotline system, we also respond to your questions, complaints and suggestions.
                • 3.
                  Bilingual Banking Service
                95555 provides high-quality services either in English or Chinese.
                Functions (English)




                Automatic voice service

                  Account checking

                  Check the balance of your all-in-one-card or corporate account, and transaction details.

                  Account transfer

                  Transfer funds between your all-in-one-card current and time deposit accounts.

                  Password change

                  Change your password for inquiry or ATM withdrawals.

                  Report for card loss

                  Report the loss of your all-in-one-card

                Operator service

                  Account checking

                  Call the operator for details of your CMB account.

                Banking service inquiry

                Call the operator to inquire about CMBs services and products.

                Handling customer complaints

                Make a complaint about our service or product quality. We will respond within a specified time limit.

                Loss report

                Report the loss of your bankbook or all-in-one card.


                We may send you information by phone, fax or email to collect loan principal and interests, inform you about your transactions or important notices, respond to your complaints or applications, or promote our services or products.

                User Guide
                • 1.
                  No need to apply: Call 95555 for our telephone banking services if you have a CMB account.
                • 2.
                  Access method: Dial 95555 directly if CMB has a branch in your city; dial 0755-95555 or the area code of the region where you opened your CMB account + 95555 if CMB does not have a branch in your city; dial +86-755-95555 if you are outside of China.
                • 3.
                  For telephone banking services in English, dial 95555 and press 9. Then enter the number of your all-in-one card (debit card) or corporate account.
                All the contents stated above are for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of China Merchants Bank for further information. China Merchants Bank reserves the ultimate right of interpretation for the contents in this page.